Q.1 Root Canal is Painful?

I will say No.

With all advance facilities like microscope, laser, Rubber dam and Rotary files, Root canal has become more comfortable & can be done in one visit (most of times) if there is no any acute infections or symptoms.

Roof canal is done under local anesthesia (xylocane 2%) so procedure is absolutely painless you need not to worry.

But post operative root canal filling there can be pain for 5 to 7 days or may not be at all depending on amount of infection and body respond to the treatment. But it is temporary and will not last long.

So you can go ahead very comfortably with root and & your teeth which will give function properly for 10 – 15 years.

Q.2 Difference between one visit and multiple Visit root canals ?

Procedure is same but in one visit root canal is executed in one sitting. Providing advantages of less discomfort, more predictability less time so is done fast & furious saves a lot of time and fear about procedure again and again.

Q.3 Dental implants: Does those screws hurt ?

I will say No. !!
Implant now a days made with great quality and excellent biocompatibility & body acceptance. So implants does not give pain after the procedure is finished.

Q.4 What is better Implant or bridge ?

Always implant are better because we are not over loading adjustment natural Teeth & not spoiling adjustment teeth for support as we AA white making bridge.

Q.5 Do Implant Fail ?

Ohh yes but at very less frequency over 95% is success rate of implants.

Q.6 Can implants be redone if failed?

Yes possible after sometime.

Q.7 Smile designing?

Is it permanent ?
No treatment in this world is permanent we can call it as long term in a better term. If taken proper lane life is 5 to 10 years.

Q.8 Does fillings in tooth hurt?

No most of times we give anesthesia so no pain, comfortable.

Q.9 Laser Surgeries does it Pain ?

No all the laser surgery are done with surface anesthesia if required otherwise no injections required for laser surgery. No bleeding happens & heals very fast and more predictable.

Q. 10 What is use of laser in root canal ?

It is used in addition of instruments disinfecting solution in root canal for complete sterilization of root canal to better results.

Q.11 Bleaching of teeth. Does it remove enamel ?

NO. ! NO. ! It is just penetrate the enamel & remove intrinsic & extrinsic stains.

Q.12 Does Bleaching pains ?

NO. It Is Temporary it can be sensitive for 3 to 7 days with minor discomfort in same cases.

It is when done with laser vey less discomfort and sensitivity for short time it is done in short time just 10 to 15 minutes.

Q.13 Does Extraction of Teeth (removal of wisdom tooth affects the eye sight?

Very frequently & common questions asked by patients.
There is no any such thing written in any book. Eyes does not get affected (100% times) due to any dental treatment, like tooth removal or Dental Implants.

I don’t know who has guided the population for this misconcept.