Daily brushing and flossing, along with regular visits to the dentist, will help keep your teeth healthy and strong. But good oral hygiene isn’t just for your teeth—it also keeps your gums healthy. Regular oral exams give your dentist the chance to detect gum disease in its early stages and treat it before it progresses.

When you skip your dental visits for too long, untreated gum disease can leave you with infected and damaged gums that require surgery. If your dentist has referred you to a gum specialist for gum surgery, here’s what you need to know:

Advantages of using GUM Surgeries: By Laser (Bloodless & Bladeless)

1)Bloodless and Bladeless Surgery
2)Bleaching of black (melanin pigmentation) Gum for great smile.
3)Gum surgery for periodontits (Bleeding gum , Pocket therapy, Pyoreeha).
4)Frenectomy (for aesthetics & prevention of spaces in between teeth.
5)Crown lengthing for esthetics
6)For second step surgery for implants. BIO LASE laser is an excellent gift for gum problems.

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